A method of cracking porn sites using target and referal URLs.
I dont know how spoofing works, but it's free pR0n
by Toolbox November 03, 2003
A cigarette rolled with Spice and Tobacco.
Man I wish we had something to smoke besides this Spoof.
by Moroni Rose September 15, 2011
A hallucinogenic marshmallow, either pink or white standard, laced with the usual favourites.
Usually administered by rolling into a thin cylinder, and inserting into the nostril, pushing it up as far as it will go with the blunt end of apencil,where it expands the mind.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing- it turned out to be a terrific spoof.

When Bush got in again, I was sure it was a spoof.
by hplasm March 11, 2011
Getting hooted with clean clothes. (dirtying clean clothes)
He got hella spoofed when i spilled red soda on my friends new white shirt.
by McSpoofmeister408 September 14, 2010
An alternative word for the act of giving a 'raspberry' in which air is blown from the mouth against flesh, often the belly, in a comical way.
"She giggled uncontrollably when I spoofed her belly."
by Cheese245 April 11, 2009
When a girl quiefs and farts at the same time.
She just spoofed all over your face.
by spaghettifreak March 22, 2009
The bloopers or cut out scenes of a video because they were not good. (Usually in staged movies/ videos)
Guy 1: "Did you see the spoofs for the new 'Smosh' video?"
Guy 2: "No, Smosh is for gay little 4 year olds."
by F$$$ January 19, 2011
Stealing wireless internet from others
I dont pay for internet because I spoof it off of the neighbors
by fikus56 April 09, 2007

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