spm is short for south park mexican. his real name is carlos coy. he is convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a minor. (who was nine at the time) he is a piece of shit that deserves to be raped in prison. seriously a nine year old? fuck him and his supporters. carlos coy and anybody who puts food on his piece of shit chomo plate should be beat. fuck spm.
In 2002, Coy (spm) was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child and sentenced to 45 years incarceration, and is currently serving his sentence at Powledge.
by 805scott805 August 17, 2010
Top Definition
South Park Mexican - Carlos Coy
Excellent rapper who is now doin' time. Hilarious rapper with great songs, such as "hubba hubba" and "soething I would do"
by raywuzhere@hotmail.com April 25, 2004
the greatest rapper to ever grace this planet. the realest and illest. his lyrics amaze those even today. if you havent heard him you should. he also loves weed.
man that new spm is tight as hell you should go cop his new album
by spmisdashit August 07, 2006
South Park Mexican. Great songs, mainly about getting high.
Dude, SPM is like the Mexican Afroman
by Tural May 23, 2005
SPM (south park mexican) the best latin rapper to live
that SPM is the Mexican Tupac
by 595FH360 April 22, 2008
South Park Mexican,Bad ass mutha fuckin rapper from Houston who represents for mexicans. Currently locked up on bogus sexual assault charges, but cant be stopped. Since he still continues to put out records even from behind tha wall. Fuck haters and free SPM
person 1: what are you listening to?

person 2: the best rapper ever to grace the mic.

person 1: oh this is SPM?

person 2: yup!
by the 40 ounce bandit May 14, 2009
abbr. Society for the Protection of Mike Shinoda - silly people who “oppose” everything that the MAWs stand for. They’re very funny actually. And some of them are really MAWs at heart. Those people shall go unnamed. You know who you are. See: MAWs in denial.
We're the SPMS and we're here to save Mike. *waits until no one is around* *smacks with cucumber*
by Jezebel Lynn March 28, 2005
it stands for Shit Pub Monday, this is where every monday you go to a different local shit pub. set im in portsmouth university by, steven, Alan, Craig, Martyn and Chaz
its time for a S.P.M drink
by Steven moorcroft January 16, 2007

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