term used to represent a pussy/vagina/etc
"I'd like to stick it in that split tail."
by dankenstein December 18, 2004
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What rednecks and hillbillies call the human female on account of the fact that, when seen in the nude and from behind, the female genitalia (i.e. labia) looks like a tiny, split-in-half tail.
Hail yes, we'se gunna go lookin' fer some splittail!
by zuba February 02, 2005
A member of the female species according to U.S. Marine Corps slang.
There were some nice looking split tails at the club last night.
by ars64 March 09, 2006
Military term for the human female, either singly or in a group.
"Man, look at all that splittail!"
by Frankie February 05, 2004
Any military 'member' in possesion of their very own uterus.
That spit-tail wants on our ship? She's got permission to board my Johnson
by JPac August 09, 2003
term used for the vagina and also any male who is acting like a huge pussy.
Split Tail: "I don't feel like going out, my head hurts"

Normal Person: "Shut the fuck up you split tail mother fucker"

Noun: "What a fucking split tail"
Adjective: "Grow up you split tailled mother fucker"
Verb: "You split tailing son of a bitch"
by iseveryscreennametaken? May 14, 2007
{woman}, {chick}, {girl}, {female}, {bird}
That's a great looking split tail of a girlfriend?
by jdrcomp October 04, 2005

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