to talk to offend a established gully (reference Gully for definition) citizen or legal alien. To belittle and or completely shit on that persons aspirations, views, or opinions. Saying anything that completely befuddles the mind of the victim to the point of “what motherfucka!?!?”
"My pit was takin' a Squalor on this cats shoelaces, he fronted like a car bumper, so I filled his grittle cakes with lead pieces for talking splash"
by Alfred A Bearcock III May 31, 2004
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To commit a group masturbatory assault upon a boy or man, by holding him down and stimulating his penis until he ejaculates on his shirt.
Those are three of the girls who splashed Jim.
by Annie January 21, 2004
A synonym for the word swag.
My splash is on point.
#swag #based #chef #woop #cook
by ferminator October 05, 2011
Term popularized by rappers Jim Jones and Juelz Santana of DIPSET, meaning being fly or "stuntin", an ostentatious display of material wealth.
"Those clowns think they fly, so I had to roll through and splash on em, leave em dripping wet, puddles on the floor and everything"
#harlem #dipset #jim jones #juelz santana #byrd gang #skull gang #diplomats
by SplashGordon April 10, 2008
What you say when your jumpshot is extra wet. When the ball goes through the net perfectly and the net comes back up through the rim making that almost "splash" like sound. Next time you have a wet jumpshot in the gym, and you're splashing on the opposing team, simply say "Splash" as the ball leaves your hand, sure enough to anger other players and make you look like a total badass at the same time.
As Bill came to the gym and started to warm up he quickly realized his jumpshot was super-wet. When he joined a game he immediately started to splash on the other team.

Dude, we got splashed on today. This guy was splashing from Reggie Miller range.
#jumpshot #basketball #wet #ball #jump #shot
by ryan3123 March 01, 2011
A very wet pussy
She got that splash!
by Que\' Yashi November 01, 2003
Anything extremely good or bad. It can also be substituted for any verb. Also a way to say goodbye. Invented by Lord Sear a hip hop icon.
That bitches ass is like splash!
I'm bout to splash out on these cats.
Lemme get a vodka wit a splash of pineapple.
yo my man got splashed in the face wit a bag of rocks.
i was up in that pussy like splash splash splash.
Aight man be easy, splash.

#whoa #mad #bounce #crazy #gay
by Josh Okay May 23, 2006
To have sex with a woman
"I splashed that redhead last weekend"
#nail #bone #stab #diddle #raunch
by nuck June 09, 2006
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