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When a woman is giving a man a blow-job on the tiolet (AKA Blumpkin), the man's poop causes the toilet water to splash into the woman's face.
I had to poop so bad I turned a blumpkin into a splash mountain.
by Kane October 07, 2004
A ride found in Disney(world/land) where the rider is braught to the top of a man made mountain and takes plunges into water in a boat.
Damn. I got wet on splash mountain.
by Dick June 15, 2004
When playing the game of Basketball, preferably in a Recreational league and/or pick up game. And stating to the defending player: "Have you been to Disneyland?" Then immediately after, pulling up for the easy J over the lack luster D. Immediately after the automatic (preferably three point shot), saying: "Splash Mountain."
Baller 1: Aye Charles.
Baller 2: What's Good?
Baller 1: Tommy just took that fool to Disneyland.
Baller 2: For real, Splash Mountain.

Baller 1: Man, it feels like we in the Magic Kingdom.
Baller 2: No Man, Jimmy is just soaking wet today, taking that sorry ass cat to Splash Mountain.
by kershybar August 02, 2011
When a man ejaculates on a woman's breasts and then proceeds to motorboatthem.
Tits McGee had some huge tits, I busted my load right on them and rode the splash mountain.
by Devinetrey January 19, 2009