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The hottest kicks in the market it was designed by Spike lee. Its acombination of, the Jordan III (midsole), Jordan IV (Wings), Jordan V (Uppers), Jordan VI (Tongue), Jordan IX (Pull Tab) The cost of one pair is 175$$, you gotta cop this.
1- "you heard about the new spizikes?!"
2- "yeah, i gotta cop that shit."
1- "i heard its 175 for one pair"
2- "who cares its the hottest kicks around"
by blackcrown March 05, 2008
A substitution for any word you want or to keep people from knowing what your really talking about.
Dude i spiziked all over that yesterday.
Dude that frontside 360 was freakin spizike.
Dude saw this hot chick yesterday, lets put it this way i spizike everywhere.
Dude that show Fantasy Factory is so amazingly spizike.
Pretty much we're the most spizike dudes ever.
by Big Body C Dawg July 18, 2009
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