When one defecates in an area with the sole purpose of complicating another's life.
Charles: Officer Gamble audited me the other day.
Ethan: Oh yea? What a prick! He doesn't even work for the IRS!
Charles: I Know right? I'm going to take a SPITE SHIT right on the driver's seat of his Prius.
by Superlative1 June 03, 2011
Top Definition
v. The act of deficating with malice and intent; shitting in a spiteful manner; premeditated pooping with direct intent to annoy, anger.
n. The actual shit left as a display by the spiteful shitter; a dump left behind as a message,"Go fuck yourself!"
"...some joker comes along, takes himself a nifty little dump, in the drivers seat. I think he knew you guys were cops, cause this is what I'd call a SPITE SHIT."

The bum spite shit in Will Ferrell's red prius.
-Other Guys
by 1crazyrob August 09, 2011
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