odd or absurd, from suspicious.
"Jay just walked into the party with Kirstyn!"
"But I thought he was with Kailey?"
"How spish!"

"Oh my gosh. That creepy man staring at us from across the street is so spish."
by gracie chimes June 08, 2009
Top Definition
1.something generally suspicious or inauspicious, having an uneasy or uncertain feeling about something
1."I'm trying to sneak out of the house, but my parents are up, it's spish right now."
2."dude that guy's posted back there staring us down."
-"shit that's spish."
by arnizzle October 08, 2007
onomatopoeia representing the sound that is made while performing the danza slap
After I blew my load, I danza slapped her, and the grand canyon rang out with a huge "spish".
by bvvvv October 10, 2004
to rub hair, or other such soft objects between your fingers for pleasure.
"Golly, Rosie- what on earth are you doing?!"
"Well Michael, I am spishing this here vole!"
by snossy March 21, 2010
equal parts of shit and piss
Hoot Mon, I spished my brains out last night!
by Tanglefoot September 17, 2003
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