A Mars rover sent by NASA to Mars in 2003, landing in Gusev Crater. Designed to search for evidence of water.
"Spirit is just fine, it's not dead."
by Patteroast January 26, 2004
One of the best movies ever!
The only good horse, is a happy horse.
by TanooKirby June 01, 2003
the spirits got me
by guevara April 19, 2004
piece of crap car that has a major problem twice weekly circa 1990
Goddamn the spirit!
by Lee March 27, 2003
One of the better guilds from the popular mmorpg - Ragnarok Online, resides on the game server Loki. Created through bad leadership and lies of Evil. A Revolutionary Guild. Can be found at the corner of the streets of Prontera getting stoned.
1337_Novice: "Have you seen Peachi lately?"

Hulk_Hogan: "Omfg!!!1111 LUNO got another one!!!"
by Anarchist July 19, 2004

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