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noun- 1) the result of getting extremely excited from a college sporting event.
2)The exhilaration from expressing overwhelming pride for one's alma mater.
3) Literally getting so spirited for your school that you become sexually aroused.
"WOW! I was so pumped when the Bruins came back to win in over time that I had a raging spirit boner!"
by C.T. McGee October 23, 2008
n- 1) the result of being so excited about the success of a college sports team.

2) the state of being over excited and spirited for one's alma mater.

3) literally getting so excited for a college sports event that you become sexually aroused
"When the Bruins won that game on a last minute 3-pointer, I had a raging spirit boner!"

"Look at the student section! They're all rockin' massive spirit boners!"
by Weeeee Face October 29, 2008

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