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Spigot is an high-performance alternative to the Bukkit Minecraft server. Spigots only known weakness is the glorious power of Mark Harmon.
Spigot is great.
Yeah, but did you see what Mark Hamon did? md_5 had no chance!
by Spreader of HARMONy March 10, 2014
Noun/Adjective. Belonging to or behaving as a member of a low socioeconomic class.
"Her shirt is completely see-through. That is straight-up spigot."

"Those spigots use plastic grocery bags instead of diapers."
by ElitistSpigot November 29, 2013
1. Slang for Penis.

2. A really awesome word for faucet. :)
1. Dwight's spigot was abnormally large.

2. "Suzie, turn on the spigot!"
by dolphist July 30, 2010
A light-skinned black person. Usually think their better than their dark-skinned brethren.
Me: Yo you see that d-bag spigot over there?
Friend: Yea shining lika a dman light. Spigots spreading like Vampires.
by Ikkikun January 15, 2011
1. alternate for "penis"

2. alternate for "homosexual" or "fag" or "faggot"
1. I am going to put my spigot in your sprocket.

2. Justin from N'STYNC is such a spigot.
by Matt December 04, 2003
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