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In the USA it is the shortened form of the word spiggoty. An alteration of spig is spic.
In the US, insisting that all documents be translated to Spanish is rather insulting to Spanish-speakers because it suggests that all Spanish-speaking individuals are spigs.
by knowledge February 21, 2005
12 8
Means exactly the same as chav.
Local dialect of Derbyshire, UK
dude1: I see the spigs are out again
dude2: what chavs!
by Carnophage December 15, 2004
4 7
one who believes Scott Peterson is guilty.
Short for "Scott Peteron Is Guilty"
The SPIG shouted profanities at the courthouse.
by Rays November 29, 2006
3 8
somethin that is super big.. extremley big..
that is a spig as ass bitch..
by alex rivers June 17, 2006
17 23
a codeword used to describe marijuana.
"Hey Joe, You got any spig"?
by lauramklein March 16, 2008
6 13
To declothe someone.
You said "spig" is not a word, but now that it's on urbandictionary, I can spig you.
by Gideon K November 27, 2007
3 10
spaghetti thin
yo spig dick
by luco October 12, 2003
8 17