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An adjactive used to describe males under the age of thirty who are or attempt to be sexually attractive by way of cuteness.

Such males are usually characterized by Pee-Wee Herman or Alfalfa hairstyles and checkerboard suspenders.

It can be used as a noun to refer to such males.
Alfalfa was really spiffy in The Little Rascals.
by Colonel_Cheesemonkey October 02, 2006
1 6
(adj) used to describe something as unique or amusing. Similar usage to cool.
UrbanDictionary is spiffy
by Angela October 20, 2001
815 167
(Adj.)1. Neat or interesting. (can also mean cool) 2. Of a good or pleasant nature.
Used in 21st-century America by strange, offbeat teens.
Dudemna, look over there! Is that squirrel not THE spiffiest thing...ever!?
by Borden May 23, 2004
404 203
Derivitive of the British word 'Spiffing'. A fun/cute way of expressing general satisfaction with a thing/situation/person.
"Oh Jane! You're so spiffy!"

"I got some new boots yesterday. They are spiffy!"

"Ah...everythings so SPIFFY today"
by Kia September 16, 2003
308 153
cool, neat, awsome, fun.
the people of kiwibox are real spiffy
by Punk-a-Dellic July 20, 2003
177 76
A way of expressing something of greatness.

To show happiness, apreciation/acception.

"That's a Spiffy jacket you got on there." said Fred.
"I got it from my girlfriend," said Bill.
"Spiffy," said Fred.
by themaster408 February 21, 2003
129 62
Something that is very cool or interesting.
Person 1: Check out this new CD I got.
Person 2: Oh yeah, that's real spiffy.
by Megan July 25, 2004
106 54
(adj.)a funny way to say something is cool or awesome. could also be used in a sarcastic manner.
My shoes are so spiffy!
by Jessica, Sept 27, 2005 September 27, 2005
87 45