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A word used to describe the wobbling action of a Frisbee being effected by the wind when thrown.
That Frisbee did a total spielberg when Jack threw it.
by TweakingAUS February 21, 2013
22 1
Spielberg, v.(tr.): To ruin a movie, especially a good one, with a sappy or overly explicative ending.
Cameron Crowe totally spielberged "Vanilla Sky."
by Duder January 22, 2004
44 48
Origin: Drunk pronounciation of "beer spiller."
Used at parties to embarrass a person who has spilled their drink.
Normally shouted by large groups with pointing involved.
"That girl just spilled her drink...."
by anynomyous May 02, 2008
5 10
to spielberg is to 1. take a pop at the Germans whenever possible; 2. remove all trace of non-American allies' involvement at D-Day; 3. to wear a crap baseball cap at every inappropriate opportunity; 4. indeed ruin a potentially good story with gallons of syrup; 5. turn suffering into period-porn (see Saving Private Ryan or Schindlers List)
'Did you see that guy's head come off? Private Ryan rocks, dude!!'
by zac pro July 17, 2004
36 50
A reverse, 180 degree spin in a car.
"He pulled a Spielberg!"
by Danwise July 21, 2005
7 22