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Spielberg, v.(tr.): To ruin a movie, especially a good one, with a sappy or overly explicative ending.
Cameron Crowe totally spielberged "Vanilla Sky."
by Duder January 22, 2004
A word used to describe the wobbling action of a Frisbee being effected by the wind when thrown.
That Frisbee did a total spielberg when Jack threw it.
by TweakingAUS February 21, 2013
Origin: Drunk pronounciation of "beer spiller."
Used at parties to embarrass a person who has spilled their drink.
Normally shouted by large groups with pointing involved.
"That girl just spilled her drink...."
by anynomyous May 02, 2008
to spielberg is to 1. take a pop at the Germans whenever possible; 2. remove all trace of non-American allies' involvement at D-Day; 3. to wear a crap baseball cap at every inappropriate opportunity; 4. indeed ruin a potentially good story with gallons of syrup; 5. turn suffering into period-porn (see Saving Private Ryan or Schindlers List)
'Did you see that guy's head come off? Private Ryan rocks, dude!!'
by zac pro July 17, 2004
A reverse, 180 degree spin in a car.
"He pulled a Spielberg!"
by Danwise July 21, 2005