an untalented manufactured pop band from Britain. They heralded the end of good music in early 1997 (when they were first heard in the U.S.A.)and sparked off the shitty corporate "teen pop" phenomenae that continues to pollute the airwaves today. My mom claims that rock'n'roll was destroyed by the British invasion (ala the Beatles)but she is wrong, wrong, wrong. Good music was destroyed by the British alright but it wasn't the Beatles who spoiled the party - no, not at all. It was the fucking Spices Girls! Also, their bimboness set back sexual equality by years.
The Spice Girls fucking suck unwashed ass BIG TIME.
by Starpunk October 10, 2006
The ultimate display of what marketing and image can do. No matter how lame your music is, you can still become multi-millionaires after two easy years of mimes, songs written by someone else, and constant publicity stunts.
Props to the spice girls, they ruined the music industry but are so fuckin' rich...
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
5 talentless marketing gimps whose pathetic attempts to 'sing' had to be tweaked up to the eyeballs to MAKE them sound in tune. Made their millions by being marketed to such an extent it even enabled them to squeeze every last penny of pocket-money out of small children who bought their completely shite, and now worthless, merchandise.
Hey Spice Girls, where's your Girl Power now?
Posh: Chain-smoking twig who's desperately clinging to her cheating husband, dropped by record company
Sporty: No marriage, no kids, dropped by record company
Baby: Pregnant to on/off boyfriend, dropped by record company
Scary: 2 kids by 2 men (paternity case due), dropped by record company
Ginger: Kid by fella she dumped, dropped by record company
Never mind, you've still go all that money from all those little kids that believed in you.......
by clairem April 04, 2007
Possibly the crappest band ever, their songs sucked, only one of them could sing, the rest of them just shouted at the screen in the tackiest music videos ever, and ultimately one of the most mind numbingly awful films ever. Posh Spice, who has gone on to have the most fame, ironically does bugger all, she is kept to the background and given minimal screen time in their earlier videos and has the least lines in the film. At their peak, I hated them and found their popularity unfathomable, and now I rejoice that they have dwindled into an embarrasing memory.
"My god, didnt the spice girls suck!"
A gaggle of obnoxious, cockney twats who have set back women's movements globally by 20 years. This quintet drooled forth some of the most wretched noise to come out of the British Isles since Elton John's Disney ballads.

Each adopted monickers that were supposed to be relative to their vapid personalities. Scary Spice (the most aptly-named of the five) was so known for the adjective most felt by those learning that such a lack of talent would warrant a singing contract. The other four, equally insufferable, took names along of the lines of something like "Steroid Spice" (the tomboy; yes, isn't that sexy?), "Ginger Spice" (who left for bigger and better things, like Penthouse), Twat Spice (wife of the adultering soccer player) and Bacon Spice (the fat one).

Their "Oy! I'm a girl, cor blimey! Respect me, right?!" East End dreck is as unpalatable as their effete counterparts, N-Sync. Another stirring indictment of the industry they serve.
Abu Ghraib may have used Spice Girl CD's as a method of torture, Pentagon officials said.
by Beastfan March 23, 2005
a group of untalented people who have no style, no class and no hope!
look at them lot hanging round that phone box again, trying to smash the window, bet thats fun (YAWN!) who do they think they are the spice girls? and look wasnt they wearing thoseclothes the last time we saw them breaking that window, and the time before, and the time before, oh and the time before that!?!
by Trinkbar_Trina March 29, 2005
The black one(Scary Spice)
The closet lesbian one(Sporty Spice)
The retarded slut one(Baby Spice)
The skanky cheap firecrotch whore (Ginger Spice)
The "I'm too cool for this b/c I'm married to David Beckham" one (posh Spice)

they were the SPICE GIRLS and everyone liked them when I was in 2nd grade and I went to see their lame ass movie at the theater and I think I liked it, Babe was better though.
The spice girls were kinda cool, but not anymore.
by DGAFPANDO November 20, 2006
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