A great group of girls and music to match.
Girl Power!!
by Samantha June 12, 2004
A Swahili term for "cervical gundersnatch." Also a boy band comprised mostly of females.
"Oy mate, me and my Swahili footy blokes are going to take the piss out of the Spice Girls, where by Spice Girls I am referring to the cervical gundersnatch instead of to the boy band comprised mostly of females."
by John Bloodfart Holmes November 26, 2014
(n.) A object of desire, until the turn of this century.
"I can't figure out which spice girl I wanna impregnate"

--Quote, can you guess who by?
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
Lower ranking Navy Female, usually of the Master-At-Arms rate, found to be illegally smoking & distributing the designer drug, Spice, resulting in dishonorable discharge from the Navy.
Seaman Cargnegie thought being a Spice Girl was the coolest, even though it meant the total death of her military career.
by KillBodies! June 10, 2011
A dirty girl who will do anything for sexual pleasure.

One who performs sexual pleasure on anyone at anytime.

One who may smell like fish or piss
Nicole Lopez-She knew a dude for two days and gave him some right away.

"I am Not a Spice Girl,I just like sex."-Nicole lopez
by TrueWomen123 April 18, 2011
an untalented manufactured pop band from Britain. They heralded the end of good music in early 1997 (when they were first heard in the U.S.A.)and sparked off the shitty corporate "teen pop" phenomenae that continues to pollute the airwaves today. My mom claims that rock'n'roll was destroyed by the British invasion (ala the Beatles)but she is wrong, wrong, wrong. Good music was destroyed by the British alright but it wasn't the Beatles who spoiled the party - no, not at all. It was the fucking Spices Girls! Also, their bimboness set back sexual equality by years.
The Spice Girls fucking suck unwashed ass BIG TIME.
by Starpunk October 10, 2006
1. Dirty worn-out whore, run down by too many nights of performing sexual favours for "music" producers.
2. A dirty old slag.
Get that spice girl away from me
by 4MA June 11, 2003

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