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some slizzo that swallows without question
That spermbelly over there doesn't miss a drop
by el guapo October 07, 2003
3 1
A woman who as anal sex so much her belly is filled with sperm
Jim: Kelly take's up the butt so much her guts must be filled with sperm.
Mike: Yeah! She's just a little sperm belly.
by Jones1082 April 18, 2010
10 4
A woman with a pooch belly who may be mistaken for a prostitute/stripper; A man with a pooch belly who looks/acts overtly gay.
Wow, who was that sperm belly you were talking to, Ray?
I don't know, but I think he wanted to give me hickies on my back!
by ashleeloulou June 20, 2011
3 2
It when the biatch gives som much head and swallows that the only thing in the belly is sperm, hence sperm belly
by Vlad February 16, 2003
19 26