A sperm is what comes out of the penis during intercourse(or ejaculation for that matter).
"During intercourse, the male's penis begins to produce and output sperm."
by Douchebag February 07, 2003
A nasty, white, creamy, glow in the dark, radioactive substance that is launched out of the males penis upon orgasm.
Sperm is vile and disgusting.
by Nick H. April 22, 2005
1.-noun- plural- A male's multiple friends living inside their penis.
I like to spend time and enjoy life with my sperm.

Me and my sperm have fun together at parties.
by fab5ive August 11, 2003
1. vanilla ice cream
2. C.'s best friends
3. what's in A.'s hair right now
4. your mother's worst enemy
5. life ruiner
6. banana juice
7. the reason they invented abortions
8. mini jellyfish
9. bitter
SPERM sperm sperm sperrrrm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by chocolategrape March 04, 2008
S.P.E.R.M. is a system of classifying causes and effects in historical study. The classifications are Social, Political, Economic, Religious, Military and sometimes Scientific. Virtually every event or idea can be classified in one of these six ways. Sometimes a single event, especially more complex events, can be classified in more than one way.
Use S.P.E.R.M. to classify the various causes of the rise of Islam. Be sure you consider all of the facets.
by jmm June 27, 2003
What allowed reproduction to take place.
"Try it on me. OW! My sperm."
by dj gs68 July 12, 2003
To be or not to be that is the question. Famous quote from William Shakespeare, which sperms use derisively.
The sperm either make it to the ovary, or don't. Sucks for the ones who dont.
by Glutinator May 16, 2007
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