Sperm Whales are a bunch of whales that have sex in the ocean. When the whale gets horny it produces gallons of sperm that mixes with the ocean water.

Sperm Whales are the horniest whale species known to man.
Mom: Don't look honey.. those are two whales having sex
Dad : Those are called Sperm Whales *jerks off*
Child: Woah! whats thats white stuff!

Why is the ocean water so salty?.. Probably because of them Sperm Whales
by ilovespermwhaleslmao February 13, 2010
a large female who has uncontrollable urges for sperm.
"Dude, Jerome, this girl wants my nuts. Too bad she's fricken spermwhale."
by CrotchOtter February 14, 2009
A whale who recently had sex and is currently completely filled with sperm from the other whale.
Look mommy, there's a sperm whale over there.
by Soptactic January 23, 2015
To get a head in a hot tub from a girl with a trachea and when you are cuming you jam your dick down her throat so that when she comes up from under water she blows your load out her trachea like a whales blowhole.
Curtis: Hey man, I made Tracy with the trachea do the "Sperm Whale"!

Nate: No way, "Sperm Whales" are the shit. Almost as good as a blumpkin.
by Tragicmangina August 05, 2014
a fat person who wants to be a whore
person 1: dude, i got with hailey last night

person 2: sorry to break it to you man, but she's a sperm whale

person 1: *starts crying* i thought she felt heavy!
by lulzra roflnig October 31, 2011
1. A Whale that has spermaceti in his head, not sperm

2. A fat man who masturbates for a total of 24 hours in a fortnight (that may not seem like alot but remember that it's a TOTAL of 24hrs. Thats alot) and spews bucket loads of semen
Dave: "Woah! That guy is fat!!"
Bill: "Yeah, but his hands are covered in milk!"
Dave: "Umm... That's not milk, Bill. That's cum"
Bill: "What a Sperm Whale!"
Dave: "Bill, what's that mean, he's a Human!"
Bill: "Oh, it's a word that LemonyStuff invented."
Dave: "Woah, it all makes sense now!"
by LemonyStuff September 04, 2009
When you pick up a woman of bigger size and when having sex with her you put her face down and blow your load in her ass and watch it spray out like a sperm whale.
Jay gave fat sweaty Betty the sperm whale last night.
by The_Only_Freakass November 04, 2010

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