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A fictional character from the popular book series by Sara Shepard, and the TV Series by ABC Family.

Spencer Hastings is a driven over-achiever, but makes great grades. Her friend Alison DiLaurentis went missing the summer of her Sophomore Year, and her and 3 of her closest friends ( Aria Montgomery , Hanna Marin , and Emily Fields ) have been trying to solve the mystery of her death.

The four of them try to solve mysteries while being stalked and blackmailed by "A" , the mysterious person who has apparently kept track of The Pretty Little Liars.

Spencer is smart and very athletic. She is the "smart one" of her group of friends, and if you ever get called a "Spencer Hastings", take it as a compliment!
Jealous Person: Man, you're such a Spencer Hastings! *rolls eyes*

You: Thanks!!
by Kittykatz03 March 15, 2016

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