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When you're driving and you see speedhumps you go 'ohh damn. not again!' and they really annoy you. Same with a speedhump person.

See pothole
Dman, here comes Scotty, that major speedhump, I hope he doesn't try to speak to us!
by stub004 November 06, 2004
A diamond shaped street sign indicating bumps in the road ahead in an attempt to slow drivers. Also, the act of having sex in a very fast paced jack rabbit like motion.
Slow down! The speed humps ahead will mess up your car yo.

We were running super late to the fiesta so Keisha and I had to speed hump in the shower yo.

Cory is such a speed humper.... we were done in like eight seconds!
by Bear Number 1 June 22, 2007
A girl that a guy got with over a year ago that cock blocks him with all her friends
Man I'm trying to take out Jane, just gotta get past the speed hump somehow.
by Tizzuck February 06, 2010