The hyper-horny boys that knock on the door asking for your teenage daughter.
I'll kick the ass of the next specimen that rings the doorbell durning my afternoon nap.
by Sailsquirrel February 15, 2009
Top Definition
A person who transcends all definitions of a human being.
How is Steve-o such a specimen?
by BlueSpam May 12, 2003
An outstanding individual of the male sex.
Alfred: Has the news reached you regarding Laurence's contribution to the Society for the Preservation of Monocular Fashion? He truly is a unique speciman!

Julie: I went to a pool party on Saturday, and I could not keep my eyes off of Nathan's muscular chest! I think I'm in love with that speciman.
by Timaster October 28, 2009
A great band that played at London's Batcave club. Such members include Ollie Wisdom, Johnny Slut, Kev Mills, Jon Klein, and Jonathan Trevisick. Their most notable song is "kiss kiss bang bang". Their music was described as horror/dark glam meets goth-rock. Now it's just called deathrock or batcave - deathrock.
Batcaver 1: Did you see what Ollie was wearing last night?
Batcaver 2: Sure did bat, but man did you see Slut's hair? Amazing!
Batcaver 3: I wish my boyfriend had hair like that!
Batcaver 4: Specimen is an amazing band, right next to Alien Sex Fiend.
by Teenage Zombie Bat July 10, 2006
An Italian astronaut.
Heya loook, it's the specimen Neil Armstrong. Mamma mia!
by kurt111 June 30, 2010
Any evidence of sexual activity (sex or masturbation), such as used condoms, tissues covered in sperm, porn, panties, etc.
Dude, did John and Kate finally have sex last night?
Probably, I found some specimens this morning.
by mindfreak06 November 11, 2011
In medical terms, specimen refers to things like jars of urine, stool samples and pap smears. So if the word is applied to a human, it should be derogitory. Like calling someone a tool, a jizzwad or a shithead.
That guy's such a specimen I just want to wretch.
by Martin Hansen February 05, 2004
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