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1. it tastes REALLY GOOD

1. Man I want extra special sauce next time I order one of those burgers!.....I just can not get enough!

2. While performing a HOUDINI..... after you have spit on her back and she turns around, you let her have the special sauce.
by jpabaloni August 19, 2006
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alternate name for sperm; used when a significant other intakes sperm. See also wordjizz/word.
Jane just drunk a cup of John's special sauce.
by Master Jizz April 08, 2003
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The Special Sauce of a restaraunt, its recipe is secret. Its not giz
This special sauce is good, but its not giz.
by Sphinctar May 08, 2003
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A term referring to added sperm, urine, or feces in food
The person working the takeout window looked like they liked/disliked you; perhaps they gave you some of their special sauce.
by chris giocondo March 25, 2006
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A sauce, found at all good takeaway outlets. Made from ketchup, mayo, salad cream (the more the more salad cream the cheaper and nastyer tasting it is).... and quite possibly spunk, depending on the outlet
'would you like any sauces to complement that tasty burger?'
by Sam October 11, 2004
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a mixture of beer and captian morgan must be mixed in a large pitcher
dude pass the damn special sauce
by a kuz October 23, 2007
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