Special K is a drug that can be snorted or injected. It causes you to lose control of your body and makes you and your mind feel like they're in some other world. The process usually take 30 minutes to an hour. When it happens you'll have absolutely no idea what is going and absolutely no control.
In the movie "KIDS" (please watch see this movie) one of the female characters snortes Special K at a rave. The drug takes affect soon there after but she is able to get to a freinds house for another party. Eventually the drug takes full affect and in the final see gets raped by one of the guys in the party. She didn't even realize that see was being raped since she was still high on Special K.
by omegamaster February 02, 2006
Special K is slang for Ketamine. A Drug that can be found at most vet's. Ketamine is used to knock out horse. When used on humnas the body has no control and no feeling. You can find more about Special K by listening to PLACEBO. Special K is also a song on the album Black Market Music.
1. Hey little girl? Do you want a bowl of Special K?
2. Track 3 on the album Black Market Music by PLACEBO
by Artistic_person July 23, 2005
1. The single sexiest guy on the planet, also known simply as K or Cereal.
Y: Bet you can't wait for breakfast, hmm, Meadow?
M: DEFINITELY not! My favorite part of the day!
Y: Yeah, but only because of Special K.
M: ha! umm, duh??
by luvinmesomespecialK November 18, 2008
a three strikeout night.
Mannn I was just chompin on that Special K last night. O-3, 3 K's.
by Steven3174 April 01, 2008
drug ketamine
by zadio December 05, 2002
what the model worker eats for breakfast
special k is high in calcium, iron, and plutonium!
by dr penguin November 11, 2003
a newer drug that is snorted or injected in the muscle
I have never been that fucked up off anything, i love special k!
by Mike February 21, 2003

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