a special class that enrolls under privileged children (both mentally and physically), such as castard; short for special education
Cassie is the president of the special ed class.
by =) February 12, 2003
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A class occupied by exiled students that have no inclination to take part in schooling. A large number of them are unmotivated and don't care, as a result they're usually misdiagnosed with a learning disability..
In middle school i was placed in special ed because i smoked mary jane, my science teacher thought i couldn't read..
by friendlyscholar September 25, 2009
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A nickname to be applied to anyone whose name is Ed and you consider to have special qualities such as being a little slow or sometimes mentally challenged.
If SpecialEd can't do it, then no one can.

Has any one seen SpecialEd?
by Mr Smart June 21, 2009
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Something in schools for students with disabilities, physical or mental problems, etc. Classes there are often easy. About a few of those students there are on wheel-chairs.
To tell ya the truth, I myself am a special ed student (but I'm not on a wheel-chair though). Suprised? *crickets* Oh well. I guess I'm done... *leaves*
by StraightFMan January 09, 2005
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A song by Stephen Lynch about the boy of the same name. Special Ed is... well... a little bit special. He runs into walls, eats dirt and smacks his best friend in the head with a brick, causing him to become special too.
Special Ed
Mama dropped him on his head
Now he's not so bright, instead
He's a little bit special
by gembird May 13, 2007
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A class, in most public schools, for mentally challenged children and/or with physical problems. Their classes are much easier, but many kids that are not in this class make fun of the 'Special Ed Kids.'
Example 1:
Awww, that poor Special Ed kid thinks that flower is a cat and is petting it.

Example 2:
Jane *hot, popular girl* : You're special James, VERY SPECIAL.
James *loser* : I AM? :)
Jane: Yes, you are so special, that you belong in SPECIAL ED!!! Haha.
James: Waaaaa! Mommmy!!!
by Ex-Special Ed Kid April 27, 2004
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a class meant for kids w learning disabiltys :). THEY ARE NOT SLOW RESTARTEED OR ANY THING LIKE THAT
hey! i heard tom is dyslexic. but he has good social skills :) even though he's in special ed
by LILLLII July 06, 2012
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