1. What kids with physical, mental, and sometimes emotional disabilities that are severe enough to interfere with their abilities to preform in the mainstream curriculum are put in.

2. Where they stick you if you don't "learn" the way your supposed to. Students who don't learn by sitting in a desk and copying notes and mindlessly memorizing words are often put in special ed so that the teachers of the class the student is struggling in don't have to put up with the student. In these cases students are often put in a resource class of some sort were they are apparently taught how to learn properly. Some kids in these cases do have actually ADD or something like that. Kids in these kinds of special ed classes can actually be very intelligent.

There are different levels of special ed that range from courses for kids with severe mental retardation to courses with the regular curriculum at a slower or modified pace. A student can be in all special ed classes or just in a few and do fine in his/her other mainstream classes. Special ed shouldn't be in insult.
1. My younger brother is severely autistic so they put him in special ed. He's actually doing quite well now.

2. Teacher: Because you can't sit still for 45 minutes and mindlessly take notes on and memorize useless words every day on a subject you have no interest in without interacting with anyone or doing anything else you need to take a resource period now. You will learn how to be organized, complete homework on time, study, manage time, and write essays. You will also set goals for yourself, we have already set some for you. You will have a 45% more positive attitude and you will write down all your assignments 95% of the time.

Student: I actually dont need this, i know how to do that stuff. Its just that i learn a bit differently and you can't really change the way my mind works.

Teacher: Thats the negative attitude that you need to stop!

Student: *facepalm*
by Polexia December 14, 2009
A class occupied by exiled students that have no inclination to take part in schooling. A large number of them are unmotivated and don't care, as a result they're usually misdiagnosed with a learning disability..
In middle school i was placed in special ed because i smoked mary jane, my science teacher thought i couldn't read..
by friendlyscholar September 25, 2009
A nickname to be applied to anyone whose name is Ed and you consider to have special qualities such as being a little slow or sometimes mentally challenged.
If SpecialEd can't do it, then no one can.

Has any one seen SpecialEd?
by Mr Smart June 21, 2009
Something in schools for students with disabilities, physical or mental problems, etc. Classes there are often easy. About a few of those students there are on wheel-chairs.
To tell ya the truth, I myself am a special ed student (but I'm not on a wheel-chair though). Suprised? *crickets* Oh well. I guess I'm done... *leaves*
by StraightFMan January 09, 2005
A song by Stephen Lynch about the boy of the same name. Special Ed is... well... a little bit special. He runs into walls, eats dirt and smacks his best friend in the head with a brick, causing him to become special too.
Special Ed
Mama dropped him on his head
Now he's not so bright, instead
He's a little bit special
by gembird May 13, 2007
a class meant for kids w learning disabiltys :). THEY ARE NOT SLOW RESTARTEED OR ANY THING LIKE THAT
hey! i heard tom is dyslexic. but he has good social skills :) even though he's in special ed
by LILLLII July 06, 2012
A class, in most public schools, for mentally challenged children and/or with physical problems. Their classes are much easier, but many kids that are not in this class make fun of the 'Special Ed Kids.'
Example 1:
Awww, that poor Special Ed kid thinks that flower is a cat and is petting it.

Example 2:
Jane *hot, popular girl* : You're special James, VERY SPECIAL.
James *loser* : I AM? :)
Jane: Yes, you are so special, that you belong in SPECIAL ED!!! Haha.
James: Waaaaa! Mommmy!!!
by Ex-Special Ed Kid April 27, 2004

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