while having sex in the missionary posistion, take one of the girls legs and raise it straight up in the air and pound away.

keep in mind you have to have the other leg flat on the bed/floor/beach/best friend's back, to get it stretched real good like.
i totally special K'd Tina last night, and it was on your back. It was awesome.
by Jimmydrysack13 May 26, 2008
a retard who contiuously makes stupid comments and doesnt realize it.a common retard who most people would be embarrased to be seen with.typically an idiot
"Shut up special K u retard!!"
by A Partial Observer February 28, 2008
(n) 1. The drug Kematine; 2. A brand of tasty cereal; 3. A horse tranquilizer
Special K is sure yummy!
by George W. Fucker November 11, 2003
An alcoholic drink, known about Northern Ireland. It consists of three vodka shots and a blue WKD poured into a pint glass.
He had had a special K.
by martyk February 23, 2006
A type of illegal substance. the full name is "ketamine." it is a type of cat tranquilizer, and the first known possetion for illegal purposes was in Montville, New Jersey
It is illegal to use "SPECIAL K."
by dude April 14, 2003
A dumb drug that makes you feel somewhat drunk, eh what's the point of that? it's lame infact it barely even hit me for some reason... however I do know of people who have done so much that they fall into what's called a k-hole it's like you're knocked out but you're up it's just you can't move, slightly tourturous shitty experience.
Special K is a waste of money, as well as brain-cells.
by Zack Morris May 03, 2005
I retarded cerial thaet makeeas yoiu reatardid, I eat it can you tell?
"Dam thaet speicail K was goood"
by JOE July 23, 2004

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