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when you take a dump on somebodys front steps, or on their property, especialy their mailbox.
i hate that fucker down the street so we gave him a special delivery last night.
After having sex with a girl, take a shit in her bed whiles she's sleeping and leave.
Man i fucked this girl last night and left her the special delivery right before i left.
by loogy888 November 27, 2006
When you give it, it being anything good, outstanding, or great, to someone.
Guy1: You fuck that girl last night?
Guy2: Yeah, I gave it to her special delivery

Guy1: Fuck you nigga! You want beef?
Guy2: *punches the hell out of guy1* !Special Delivery!
by e1337ness July 12, 2005
when your having sex with a pregant girl and her baby comes out!
yo so im having sex with a girl and she had a special delivery
by bvgfrevsdjbgfvhrej March 14, 2003