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A fucked up little plush teddy bear who doubles as a special agent to "help" children accomplish remedial tasks. Usually can't wait to get hands-on with most youngsters he meets. Gets the answers from the audience and his wristwatch. His best friends include a pretentious wolf, a retarded hillbilly racoon or squirrel lookin hoochie named "dotty" and some fuckin james earl jones soundin nigga who is the boss of the whole stupid operation. His vehicles include a faggot french train named RR Rapeed and a blind helicopter named whirly bird. Obviously a Sandusky faggot since he never tries to slay dotty, creeps into childrens bedrooms and usually dips when the parents come home.
Little Billy: Special agent oso what are you doin here? Are you here on a special assignment?
Agent Oso: Why don't you come find out.
<sound of door closing>
Billy's Mom: Billy where are you?
Agent Oso: Oh shit I better dip on outta this bitch. Hit it whirly bird.
by pimpinthe405 November 23, 2011
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