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Any person overly concerend with the specifications of a product, to the point of being anal-retentive. They are a salesperson's worst nightmare. Often observed asking the same questions multiple times over, because they believe the salesperson is lying to them. And therefore is trying to catch them doing so. Occasonally, them become so engrossed in the specifics of a product, they lose sight of the most essential information.
"This helmet, has a dual-internal venting system...its made of a high density, polycarbonate...designed to take impacts of up to 200km/h...has a up-to-date Snell rating...has a fully removable lining, designed to wisk away moisture...it's".

"And guess what? You DUMB-ASS, SPEC JUNKIE! It doesn't fit your head properly!"
by D. Gould July 09, 2006

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