A racial epithet refering to someone
(usually a male) of colour. In the hierarchy of epithets....not as bad as it gets.
Quick, pass the ball to Spearchucker.
Man....Spearchucker sounds good!
by Obatala September 12, 2003
An Uncle Ruckus term for a burnt cracker or moon cricket; a colorless female who is genetically predisposed to bukkake orgies with all men.
That there Tyrone is a dirty mud faced spear chucker.

Ethel is an A-list spear chucker who deep throated Ron Jeremy and Mandingo.
by Papa Chullo MD August 02, 2016
of african descent, dark colored people with ashy knees and elbows sometimes with powdered white lips.
coomie yelled hey a.d.d. i didnt know spearchuckers were allowed to run free on beaches, and a.d.d. said yea ever since americans realized they can make more munny offthem plaing sports tahn picking cotton!
by MARKKY KNIGHT March 17, 2008
Term for any person associated with Florida State University; to include all alumni, students, student-athletes, faculty, staff, supporters, boosters and fans regardless of race, creed, ethnicity or religion; and refers to the general exploitation and stereotyping of Native Americans by the university though deriving more specifically from the use of a "spear" logo by their athletic programs and the football program's pre-game ritual that involves a white male student dressed as a Native American planting a flaming spear into the ground.
If you can't attend the University of Florida, you can always become a Spearchucker.

It's hard to believe that with all the supposed support FSU gets from the actual Seminole Tribe that they still let a Spearchucker frat boy in red face ride out onto the field rather than an actual member of the Seminole Tribe.

More often than not, the Gators beat some serious Spearchucker butt in football.
by Huxley Hofmann October 09, 2011
From the Latin Speariticus Chuckus, describing not only the action, but also the regiments of spear chucking soldiers in the roman legion in large part responsible for beating back King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table when Robin Hood sought to overthrow the Pope.

The Canadian army still employs spear chuckers and rock throwers as it's primary military strength to this day.
The Spear Chuckers are an invaluable fighting force in any army.
by ChuckMaster10000 March 03, 2009
one who throws spears made of wood at nearby wildlife or in some cases livestock. usually of native descent
those damn spearchuckers are at it again
by matt June 10, 2004
A term for a basketball player who indiscriminately launches three-pointers and consistently misses, pissing off every fan of the team he/she plays for
Antoine Walker is a spear chucker and has a big fat head, I'm sure glad he's not a Maverick anymore!
by pimpbot2000 March 27, 2008
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