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The M6 Spartan Laser is a shoulder-mounted direct energy weapon used by the UNSC. It fires an extremely powerful red laser capable of destroying vehicles and infantry with one accurate strike. When the trigger is pulled, a red sighting laser is projected on-target. The Spartan Laser will then charge for three seconds before firing its powerful and destructive burst. It is also capable of firing through several players or vehicles.
In Halo 3 Multiplayer, if you kill another player with the Spartan Laser a unique medal, the Laser Kill Medal, is awarded due to the difficulty of having to charge and aim the weapon. The weapon is not available in the campaign until the level the Covenant, which Master Chief begins armed with the M6 G/GNR. The Spartan Laser is the only weapon other than the Fuel Rod Cannon and Rocket Launcher that can harm 343 Guilty Spark in the final level of the campaign when he goes Rampant. It deals out some very MASSIVE DAMAGE, as it is quite capable of one-shot kills, as long as you don't suck.

When the weapon is unholstered, a shroud over the emitting lens of the laser lifts up to expose it, presumably to protect it from scratches and battle damage when holstered. The shroud can be seen doing this when the weapon is unholstered in first person view if the user looks carefully. The shroud is actuated by a small hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder on the left side of the shroud where it is anchored to the chassis of the weapon.When the trigger is pulled, a harmless red dot is projected on the target and a unique targeting tone is emitted. The Spartan Laser will then charge for three seconds4 before firing a massive blood-red laser beam that completely destroys the target. In the beta, if the reticle was moved while firing, a scattering of beams would be released, spreading over the targeted area. This effect was removed in the final version. For the few seconds the laser is fired, the right targeting stick is disabled. However, the beam can be strafed over a larger area if the player is moving while the laser is firing.
The Spartan Laser is equipped with a smart-linked Wyrd III optics suite for increased accuracy and is capable of 2x magnification. Its reticle, whether on 1x or 2x magnifications, features a meter on the right side showing the charge of the laser.
The reticle from the beta has been changed. Instead of four markings pointing inward the circle, the reticle now has a circle with a smaller circle inside of it. Nobody cares.

If the player manages to keep their reticle on their target when the beam fires, the enemy will be killed in one hit. PWNED. The Galileian "Spartan Laser" can even destroy a vehicle in one hit, except for Wraiths and Scorpions. These can still be destroyed in one hit, but to do so, the operator of the laser must hit the cockpit of the vehicle in question. Which is hard as hell, so, sucks to be you. It is also highly effective at destroying Scarab leg joints, although The Covenant is the only mission where this can be done. The beam is also known to have high splash damage at its impact point, and around its shot, and also has the capability to overpenetrate, and eliminate multiple targets aligned in a linear trajectory.
The weapon has 5 shots before a "recharge" is needed.
It is powered by a BA-53635/PLMD non-replaceable battery, which is recharged with a PP-16979/AM-Sh charger. However, UNSC logistics are not sufficiently adequate for the charger to accompany many W/AV M6 G/GNR units in the field.
So that's teh spartn lazr.
I quickly picked up a Spartan Laser and sniped the guy who was running off with my flag.
by quartzlcc November 15, 2007
A sexual role playing game where participants dress as Halo characters. Male participants (dressed as Spartans) are punched in the prostate to induce internal bleeding, then ejaculate blood onto the other participants and yell, "Lasa LASAAAAH!!!"
"I got a head shot with my Spartan Laser last night... she's blind now."
by John 117 September 26, 2007
its where you fuck a chick so hard she starts bleeding through her vaginal cavity and it starts streaming up your peehole and then you cum blood all over her face
hey lets role play halo im going to shoot you with my spartan laser
by shademouse August 09, 2009
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