To break the glass of a car door using a small white piece of hard plastic broken off from a spark plug, breaking windows almost silently
Suspect 1 -"How we gonna break into this car man?"
Suspect 2 -"We'll do sparky jobs"
Suspect 1 -"Whats a Sparky job??"
Suspect 2 -"Just throw that spark plug onto the ground untill the white part breaks...then throw a small piece as hard as you can to shatter the's almost completely silent...then chip away the glass where the lock is"
by -SKITZO- March 21, 2006
(also "sparks") In the U.S. Navy Sparky was a nickname for enlisted men who's rating was Radioman. The name comes from the responsibilities of Radiomen to fix and work with Antennas, Radios, and other related equipment; It may also come from the Radioman (Now Information System Technician) Insignia or Rating Mark which is four Lightning Bolts or Sparks. After the Radioman rating was merged with Data Proccesing Technician to create Information Systems Technician the term Sparky was carried over to be used for sailors who were Information Systems Technician or IT's.

Note: Information System Technicians may also be referred to as "Spook" or "Ghost" since the Cryptologist merger, however Sparky and Sparks are much more common.
Seaman Schmukatelle : Hey Sparky, any word on which port we will hit next?

IT: Shipmate, that's G-14 classified!
by Sparky IT July 11, 2008
The Fire Starter.
Thats a sparky for you.

I got some sparky for you.

Thats some sparky shit man.

Gimmie that sparky of his/hers any time.
by Readlikeudder April 15, 2010
1. A word describing someone who is completely amazing at life.
2. Named to someone who completes you as a person.
3. Someone who has the hottest ass in the world an wears and infinite amount of Lacoste.
4. A gay person who is currently attached to an Asian.
See that white boy with that Viet boy, who happens to be wearing Lacoste...he sure is a sparky.

Sparky there sure has a nice, fine, round ass!

Now look at this sparky, he is amazing at living!
by Charlie Bunny August 20, 2009
Someone who does what you tell them to; someone who gives an obvious answer; a sarcastic name for someone who is "brilliant"
A: Man, was that a rough exam!
B: You can say that again!
A: Man, was that a rough exam!
B: Thanks Sparky!
by Christine March 25, 2004
An early 90's term of contempt for stupid people. It refers to neandrafucks who create sparks by dragging their knuckles on the ground.
Hey look, a sparky just walked through the door, that dumb fuck doesn't know shit from jam.

Hey sparky, what did you learn in class today? The meaning of pedology?
by Arcticcat September 29, 2007
To achieve greatness in a certain area.
Ryan: You just hit a home run!
Chris: Yeah i pulled a sparky didn't I?
by thatkid22 March 19, 2009
Any lighter used to light yo weed. period
Sup cutty, where da sparky at?
by WeTycoonInDa707 September 04, 2008
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