the "fat boner" that is created when the waist band of one's pants are rather snug; the bulge of fat below the waistband of a pair of tight pants

faloner come in various sizes and often take years to grow to a respectable size

good places to spot faloners are usually the isles of walmart, dollar stores, and fast food resturants
by poopshaft24 January 02, 2009
The huge roll of fat that often times drapes off of a woman's frame because she is so fucking fat and/or drinks to much beer/eats too much pizza, tacos, enchiladas, pasta, or cake. It can be best seen on college girls wearing tight shirts which they intend on showing off their "hot bod," but actually end up showing some nasty flab going about the entire circumfrence of their mid section, or at this point more like mid country they can be so large .....
"Whenever Kara sits in a bathing suit she covers her stomach because she doesnt want guys to see that she actually has a humongous spare tire."
by Helayne January 30, 2006
the flab around the stomach that can stick out over a women's jeans. obtained by overeating, not excercising enough, or drinking too much beer.

HOWEVER... can be kindof cute on the right woman
small spare tires are sexy, whereas BIG-RIG truck tires aren't
by Cowboyssuck July 02, 2010
Playing off the expression third wheel, fifth wheel, etc. A spare tire is a person (male or female) that you bring with you on a date. If the date falls through or you're not having fun, you rely on the spare tire to get you through the night.
Ya she was a total bitch. Good thing I brought Gabe along as my spare tire.
by Dick Breaker April 23, 2010
In hold'em poker, a starting hand of Jack/Four. As in, "What's a Jack for?"

I had the spare tire hand in the big blind and was pleased when the flop came out A 4 4.
by jacaranda May 13, 2008
A person to act on a buffer on a possibly uncomfortable date. A positive spin on the word thirdwheel. This person is a friend of both of the people who would want to hang out and potentially , but are not too familiar with each other yet. So the spare tire is asked to come along to make the date less awkward.
Guy: Aye i want to ask Jane to the movies this weekend but I'm not sure if she'll go, i don really know her that well.

Friend: oh you like Jane? she's the homie!

Guy: Oh will you be the sparetire for me?
by Frank3 August 17, 2011
Similar to a third wheel, but instead of one couple and a single person, there are two couples and a single person. The name comes from the fifth wheel in a car, or the spare tire.
It was supposed to be a double date, but Tim decided to show up, thus making himself a spare tire.
by sven_meister January 01, 2011
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