acronymical noun. 1. Taken from "Synthetically Produced Art Piece" (inspired by an upside down box of doo-dads) Meaning: Anything you can drive a nail through, hanging it on the wall, without damaging it's primary function. Usually used when referring to computers and other printed circuit components that have ceased to function, but would look cool hanging on the wall.
When the motherboard smoked, Vince decided it was spap.
by zaphodb777 March 02, 2005
Top Definition
Derived from Seasons of Sakura, an old hentai, it is the sound of skin hitting each other in sex.
"*SPAP* *SPAP* *SPAP**SPAP**SPAP*" Whew... I'm outta juice.
by MJT November 09, 2003
To spap is to eat spaghetti.
Last night Devon took me on a date and we spapped together, it was so romantic!
by proffepsorhUFFleepuffe October 15, 2014
A mix of a "sap" and a "spa"
"Lets go take pitures of ourselves in the mirror"

"Your such a spap!"
by Irahkins May 30, 2013
a stike upon the head or face with a man organ.
He spapped me after I said the stupidest thing at the bar.
by la rana March 09, 2004
An exclamatory response which usually indicates or refers to a social event being ruined by this very word. Use to annoy the one-time-director of Civic Arts, P.P. (the Junior Arts members know him)in which he went bright red and threatened to kick out his only source of income-- only to be fired later that year anyway.
Paramedic: Give this man air! I need to preform a tripple bypass on his left pinky now! I--what the hell are you doing, kid??!!

Kid: Spap! Spap! Spap! (*Note: because of this kid yelling spap nonstop to the paramedic, he was unable to preform the life-saving techniques needed to save a downed man's life. There for he died, and the annoying kid ran away, shitting his pants in glee.
by ThatTreeOutside March 28, 2003
slapping somebody
Griffen spaped the retard in the face.
by Michelle January 29, 2004
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