If something is spectacular and involves spanking it's spanktacular.
Lat night was spanktacular.
by Penós Testiclé October 03, 2004
Top Definition
Spectacular with a kick, or in this case a spank!
I am in a good mood because I am having a spanktacular day!
by Talula Bell February 27, 2009
Something that is spectactular.
That is spanktacular! Spank you very much.
by prokewl September 25, 2006
An event so great, it rivals being spanked in a sexual way...
"We had a spanktacular time last night"
by Tadracket July 02, 2009
An expression that describes something as spectacular but with a naughty twist.
That is a spanktacular shirt.
by Sorp October 04, 2006
(adj) used to describe a falure so complete that it is actually impressive enough to garner praise and or acolade
Leroy Jenkins famous solo attack against Onyxia was Spanktacular.
by Xdruid August 04, 2007

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