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An ejaculatory device used to aid in the collection or removal of ejaculate.
Person: "My mom found my spankerchief."
Luke: "hahaha, you have a spankerchief?"
by DesPERRYado August 16, 2005
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(n.) a word combining "spank," or masturbation and "handkerchief." While one is used for pleasure, the other is used for cleaning up... after that pleasure.
When my mom cleaned my room, she found my crusty spankerchief under the bed.
by Hatt Molley April 10, 2008
material used to wipe your load off
by waudi c. wilkins August 05, 2003
a hankerchief or rag that is used for masterbating
my mom found my spankerchief under my bed
by charlie badass January 06, 2011
a hankerchief that you cum on
wow dude i need to wash my spankerchief
by Mitch Meyer April 08, 2008

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