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the greatest newb that HALO has ever seen... usually runs with the crew...OHOOMIS, WAD SLAP, AND MANK...watch your ass...he might kill you and then hump you...
oh shit! spank lick just kicked my ass at HALO again...(emphasis on "again")
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004

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the move used to kill members of a HALO game in one hit....Usually done by sneaking up behind an opponent and hitting the B/RED button that causes the player to pistol whip or rifle whip his opponent... It's an instant kill...and most likely represents that you suck at HALO
"All i had to do was sneak up behind this newb and spank lick him"

"Oh Shit! You just got Spank Licked."
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004