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typical spanish dish.

ingredients: potatoes, eggs, and a good olive oil.

process: At first you have to cut the potatoes in small slices and fry it patiently at the pan for 20-30 minutes. Then, mix in a bowl the beaten eggs with the fried potatoes. With high fire, put and extend the mix at the pan, just a minute moving it without touching it, and then turn the omelette to the other side at the pan waiting also another minute.

If you are not a disaster cooking you will have a cheap, easy, exquisite and nutritive dish. Select a good wine, a bit of iberian jamon, and the autentic spanish flavour will came to you.

(please, don't mistreat people the "spanish" word with your definitions)
we are going to cook a spanish omelette
by Pedroparri September 09, 2007
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After you ejaculate from simulating sex with your partner's breasts, you stir your penis around in the cum pooled on her chest and neck.
Jake titty fucked her good and then served her up a spanish omelette as he finished.
by SecretiveSean January 15, 2008
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When a couple engaging in anal sex uses Butter to lubricate the anus, and Olive Oil to lubricate the penis. Upon ejaculation inside the anus, the mixture is referred to as a Spanish Omelette.
I rubbed butter on Brandy's ass, and stuck my Olive Oil covered cock in it. I came in her ass, and she pushed the mixture out and had a Spanish Omelette for breakfast!
by briggy March 23, 2009
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To get your ingredients to your omelette and put it inside a girls vagina. Then to fuck her ever so hardly. Then to cum inside her and wait for everything to "cum" out. (Ahehe). Then put the omelette ingredients on a pan and consume it at a candle lit dinner :D.
Eric: *fucks yew so harrddd*

Kat: *Feels the ingredients moving*

Eric: Whoop! I cummed! Lets wait :D

Kat: *Cums out ingredients*

Eric: *Makes spanish omelette and carries Kat to the candle lit dinner*

Kat: Ohhh eriicc! Your so romantic!

*Fucks on table*
by Katerina :D April 11, 2011
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