To puke during sexual act, or vomit on somebody else's genitals with sexual pourposes.
Hey, girl, let's do a spanish shower? You puke on my chest while I jerk off.

Another example:
You throw up on my dick! Now lick it bitch!
by sblerghs March 10, 2003
Top Definition
Using a large quantity of deodorant to hide an unwashed smell.
Ah I forgot to wash my shirt for tonight... It is ok I will just give it a spanish shower.

A: Fancy a beer tonight?
B: Sorry no thanks, I have just been jogging and am all sweaty.
A: It is ok, have a spanish shower and come out now.
by Steven James August 16, 2006
A spanish shower is when the reciever of the cock can't take the deep throat and vomit all over the givers shlong.
"Hey baby you wanna suck my penis right now."
"Can you handle this massive penis."
"Oh yeah."
So then as she's going at it she feels a tickle at the back of her throat.
Then the magic happens.
That is the essence of a spanish shower....Now don't you want one?
by Earl Jones November 07, 2005
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