Southwestern european country, the meddler boys in the neighbourhood

As a spaniard i have to say, in ten points

1- We're not mexican or south american, ¿how the fuck you pretend we've discovered america if we are supposed to be there already?

2- Yes, we used to be a fascist country, but i can tell we're ashamed (and i remind that our fascist leader couldn't have survived without Mr Eisenhower and Mr Nixon support)

3- Our political leaders (both presidents and opposition leaders) are EXTREMELY dumb, funny if don't take'em seriously

4- Spaniards usually speaks bad about Spain, but we're patriotic in a very particular way.

5- Americans (i don't know why) are obsessed with Barcelona...hey guys! try the Northwest! (Madrid is cool too)

6- It's really difficult to hold all the spanish thing in an only stereotype, but we know you do anyway

7- In a political way, both Nationalist and Fascists are really obnoxious boneheads, it's a common feeling

8- Spaniards dislikes frenchs, and portuguese, and politics, and that thing you foreigners use instead of olive oil when cooking, and goin' work, and tax offices, and bullfighting (really) and flamenco (except if you're Andalusian), and anything in any time.

9- Spaniards likes coffee, soccer, beer, foreign cinema, watchin TV, eating a lot, sleep, party, relax, having fun and complaining about whatever


Hope that helps all you
Foreigner- Where u from?

Spaniard- Spain

Foreigner: ¿Really?

>>>Option 1- *Kick his balls*
>>>Option 2- *Suck his cock*
>>>Note- We don't like get people indifferent, dudes
by Spanish_boy September 23, 2009
The big ass country next to portugal
person 1:where are you from?
person2: spain
person1: you mean the big ass country next to portugal?
person2: *click* *bang* *thud*
by octet January 16, 2005
A country where the cruel, barbarous and inhuman bullfighting is prcticed.
Spain must stop torturing the Bulls.
by angel April 15, 2005
Noisy, shallow, cocaine-addicted country in southwestern Europe inhabited by 41 million people with nothing to do but bitch and moan. Spaniards smoke EVERYWHERE, litter beaches with take-out trash and bottle, and remain friends as long as the good times last.
Spain is a third-world country with a first-world taste in everything
by D. R. M. September 19, 2007
A mess between Portugal and Catalunya. You can only enjoy it really drunk, then you puke on the streets, get a huge hang over, come back and, hopefully, you won't remember anything.
1. In Spain drinking outdoor (botellón) was forbidden. The country is now up to disappear.
by bambamluckyluke February 20, 2007
You usualy remember Spain when you talk about Portugal. It's the country that is attached to Portugal, but it wasn't meant to be it's just there by error.
- I went to Portugal, It was so great!!
- WOW! I wish! but did you visit Spain
- What?
- Spain, The big thing next to Portugal i think..
- Oh.. I heard about it. No I didn't it was just not meant to be.
by matheww March 22, 2005
Spain, 3rd world country next to 1st world country Portugal. Spain is usually cofused with other countries.
- Do you know Spain?
- Erm.. Tacos?
- No, Tacos are from Mexico.
- Oh, so I don't..
- Haa forget it!
by gOx March 23, 2005
A third world country in Western Europe Akin to Lithuania and Latvia
Spain is a Third world country like Togo.
by Daniel Prince February 23, 2005

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