the all time coolest country and the coolest people. they are good at everything, and anything. sure, they do stupid bull fighting. but saying that all of them do is just a stereotype. i am part spanish/greek/asian/white and stand tall and proud as a spaniard. we are even faring and better than those fat, gross, ignorant brits. we are simply the coolest people around today.
us spaniards can kick those brits butts anytime we want. today, we point and laugh out loud at them for losing a war to a bunch of american farmers. anyone spanish reading this is lucky im on their side. anyone british reading this can kiss my butt. spain is better than britain will ever be!
by stompper June 11, 2007
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Southwestern european country, the meddler boys in the neighbourhood

As a spaniard i have to say, in ten points

1- We're not mexican or south american, ¿how the fuck you pretend we've discovered america if we are supposed to be there already?

2- Yes, we used to be a fascist country, but i can tell we're ashamed (and i remind that our fascist leader couldn't have survived without Mr Eisenhower and Mr Nixon support)

3- Our political leaders (both presidents and opposition leaders) are EXTREMELY dumb, funny if don't take'em seriously

4- Spaniards usually speaks bad about Spain, but we're patriotic in a very particular way.

5- Americans (i don't know why) are obsessed with Barcelona...hey guys! try the Northwest! (Madrid is cool too)

6- It's really difficult to hold all the spanish thing in an only stereotype, but we know you do anyway

7- In a political way, both Nationalist and Fascists are really obnoxious boneheads, it's a common feeling

8- Spaniards dislikes frenchs, and portuguese, and politics, and that thing you foreigners use instead of olive oil when cooking, and goin' work, and tax offices, and bullfighting (really) and flamenco (except if you're Andalusian), and anything in any time.

9- Spaniards likes coffee, soccer, beer, foreign cinema, watchin TV, eating a lot, sleep, party, relax, having fun and complaining about whatever


Hope that helps all you
Foreigner- Where u from?

Spaniard- Spain

Foreigner: ¿Really?

>>>Option 1- *Kick his balls*
>>>Option 2- *Suck his cock*
>>>Note- We don't like get people indifferent, dudes
by Spanish_boy September 23, 2009
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A country located on the Iberian Peninsula in South Western Europe. Its official language is Spanish. It is known for bullfights, tomato fights, and fighting the French. It has great food, wine and sports teams, especially in basketball and football (soccer for you yanks out there) The Spanish are also known in history for being great navigators of the ocean. The are credited with the first to circumnavigate the globe and to "discover" and settle America (Never mind that the two lads who accomplished these things were Portuguese and Italian respectively). During and after World War 2 Spain was subject to a fascist dictatorship under Franco. While he was a brutal dictator he also did some good things for Spanish nationalism and the economy of Spain. Ironically as soon as he died Spain lost the words to their national anthem and the economy began to deteriorate.
Portugal is NOT the capital of Spain, Madrid is.

Did you see Spain destroy Greece at basketball? If only they knew how to play football like that.

by RKP August 06, 2007
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A country in europe with a vast broad unbroken expanse, in which most perciptation gathers.
The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain.
by curlingguy July 08, 2003
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A country where the cruel, barbarous and inhuman bullfighting is prcticed.
Spain must stop torturing the Bulls.
by angel April 15, 2005
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The big ass country next to portugal
person 1:where are you from?
person2: spain
person1: you mean the big ass country next to portugal?
person2: *click* *bang* *thud*
by octet January 16, 2005
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Great country located in the south west of Europe, under a fascist dictatorship supported by President Nixon and Eisenhower during and for a while after WW2, one of the best countries of the world, with a terrible economy right now, but second largest tourist destination ever. Spain is the place where you want to go is you're still a virgin or have never gotten drunk, you'll do those quick. IT IS NOT MEXICO, we dont eat tacos or burritos. Our Tortillas are completely different (and better). We have the best football (soccer for the yanks) teams both internationally and locally, the home of the worlds best tennis player, and the winning team of the 2006 olympics for basketball.

If you really want oto eat and go to a country were food is awesome, the chicks are hot and the weather is perfect, go to Spain.
Spain is not portugal, I'm not saying we're better (we are tho) and, frankly, if you hate it, go f*ck yourself.

dude1: hey where are you from?

dude2: Spain

dude1: oh yeah that country in mexico which portugal ruled for ages?

dude2: Ah, Fuck *punches to death*

dude3: well done man, that faggot deserved it.
by TheDanny385 January 30, 2011
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