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A political spin attack aimed at discrediting an alternative view, derived from SPin attACK. First noted use Aug 2012 in an exchange of correspondence with conservative constituency office (Tewkesbury UK).
The politicians SPACK upon his rival was misleading and aggressive.
by wvpTV August 06, 2012
4 12
The self-proclaimed leader of a cult of pseudo-deadheads who claim to embrace the deadhead culture, but only live to belittle others.

See also: white trash
Spack got so upset when a photographer dissed him that he went on an internet rampage for weeks.
by spackdesciple April 18, 2009
590 93
Someone who you want to slap round the face with a fish of some sort
Woah, someone's a bit of a spack...
by Maddinor March 08, 2012
12 9
Mentally retarded person derived from spastic
You spack! (Insult)
by Northerner July 02, 2003
337 440
The sound that a blast of cum makes when hitting a hard surface, such as a bathroom tile floor.
The spack of that hot guy's load on the bathroom floor startled him.
by Wordmaster B December 28, 2004
87 305
To poke someone repeatedly
I love getting spacked by Matt!
by Misty July 10, 2003
8 230
A term used in ballet to describe an arabesque that isnt fully to the back, but rather somewhere between side and back.
"Isabel, your arabesque is spack".
by KateritecawithA July 10, 2009
9 232