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Space herpes, or commonly known as "the Borg", spreads fast, assimilates, and resistance is futile.
First officer: Did you bang that Borg whore?
Captain: I'm Locutus of Borg... resistance is futile.
First officer: He has the space herpes!
by Zed-Word Joseph May 29, 2011
noun: they are little worm-like creatures that are covered in hair and live under your bed. At night they will crawl into your ear and take over your brain. The only way to avoid a case of space herpes is to launch yourself into and out off your bed by jumping. This is so you can avoid contact with them, as they tend to linger close to the edge of the bed.
Watch out that the space herpes don't get you while you sleep.
by Nachtein December 29, 2011
A legendary online gamer who dominates the game of Call of Duty on PS3. SpaceHerpes often teabags the shit out of other players that he dominates. He expresses his dominance over other players by spreading his SpaceHerpes into other players' mouths as if to claim them as his bitch. These actions have transformed the art of teabagging on the PS3 into what is now commonly referred to as spreading SpaceHerpes. This term honors the origin SpaceHerpes and is considered the ultimate form of teabagging.
Kevin: Yo I just raped that dude and now I'm gonna go SpaceHerpe the shit out of him!

Lurpees: Hahaha that's humiliating now he has SpaceHerpes!
by OfficialWiffleball November 14, 2009
A form of herpes originating from space
You know that chick i banged on Mars just so happens she has Space Herpes
by Laurence132 February 21, 2008
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