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The act of buggering somone else, often of the same sex with a frozen turd.
Baz: Hey rastall do you wanna go space docking later?
Will: You bet! scrum down!
by Tom Scott February 12, 2003
to excrete inside a condom, freeze the condom and then use like a penis to give some one anal plessure.
the man went to his freezer and got the condom he had loaded the night before and "docked" it inside his boyfriends rectum
by dave December 07, 2003
When one man inserts his penis into the penis of another man and slides the skin up over to cover both penises.
I walked in on my dad and uncle space docking!
by stop asking for a username January 11, 2009
When two reluctant and kinky boys head to a remote area of a room to engage in rampantly and furiously placing the head of both of their flaccid and unused penises in a siamese conjoined adopted babies manner to have one male stretch his foreskin over the others to create a Jamestown ship to dock analogy. Both boys will giggle and be more excited than Tony the Tiger and erupt with massive loads of semen flavored cum.
While Ezekiel's dad goes to work, he invites his cuddly homo sapien-like boytoy Mario to come over and migrate to an open corner of the room to engage in Space Docking. Mario's excessive foreskin, due to the fact he was born with Crohn's disease and two Urethra's, is always used to create the boat in dock motion that makes Ezekiel keep coming back for more. Mario is also an illegal immigrant and an Auschwitz survivor.
by Mid Atlantic Space Docker December 02, 2008
This is a variation of the standard practice for more experienced partners. It's where you freeze a shit so it becomes extremely solid and then proceed to use it as a dildo on the female partner.
I took such a firm shit that i decided i just had to freeze it for later space docking use.
by Johnny Holmes June 12, 2007
The theory behind space docking stems from the act of excreting whilst weightless in space. Once free of the Earths gravitational field it is required that in order to poo without creating a terrible mess and upsetting your fellow astronauts a simple method of cellophane is used in order to capture the poo. This poo is then jettisoned into space...naturally at such low temperatures of deep space the poo in fact freezes. Space docking refers to excreting in cellophane, freezing the turd over night and then using it to provide anal pleasure to whomever requests to be space docked.
No known examples of space docking. Not many people admit to performing the act.
by Docker July 30, 2006
When one man has a circumcised penis and the other man has an uncircumcised penis, the men go tip to tip and the uncircumcised man rolls the "hood" over the other man's head.
Last night I met this really hot dude, but he wasn't circumcised. I was scared at first, then when we were tip to tip he warmed my head with his hood and introduced me to space docking. It was so hott.
by Kap'n Kronque November 16, 2009
Ancient art of poo lollipop making.First associated with the Knights of the Brown Circle.If a game of nibb-jousting could not be decided, then the two protagonists would settle the duel by shitting into a pigs bladder, and then using ice to freeze the bladder before seeing who could insert the recepticle furthest up the other's arse.
"Verily Tarquin Cockman,have at you Sire,and brace thyself whilst i thrust my shit filled bladder deep into thine brown cave"
"Avast Marco Lockoss!Forsooth i have a similar item to thrust manfully into thine dirty back passage!"
by Dr Lokoss July 02, 2004