The act of buggering somone else, often of the same sex with a frozen turd.
Baz: Hey rastall do you wanna go space docking later?
Will: You bet! scrum down!
by Tom Scott February 12, 2003
This goulish act involves two gay men, one being circumsized and one not. They place their penis's together and then the foreskin of the un-circumsized penis gets pulled over the circumsized one so it basically looks like one continuous penis in which you cant tell where one ends and the other begins.
Paz:Hey broseph did you experiance a space docking with your buddies at spacecamp when you were in highschool?
Hunt:You know it!!! That was my favorite part!!!
by Dave Paz November 15, 2007
when two people, usualy men, align their anuses to allow shit to travel betwwen them.
spacedocking is a sad & disturbing comentary on the state of humanity.
by action von jakson September 30, 2004
latin: incursio astrum
Mid-missionary position the man pulls out, turns his back to the woman and defecates into her vagina. This maneuver is remarkably difficult, hence the likeness to docking a shuttle into a space station at 17,000 mph.

from the book: Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex
I have a huge space-travel fetish and space docking is just like 'one small drop for a man, one giant orgasm for mankind.
by Dirty Buck Nasty April 13, 2010
When the situation presents itself of two guys one girl and only one condom. The first guy goes in and performs on the girl and then he comes out and touches tip to tip with the other guy and gently rolls the condom off of his penis onto the other guys penis and then the second guy goes in to perform with the girl.
two guys one girl one condom, space docking
by q-ball98 December 06, 2008
The act of using a section of tubing to defecate into someone elses (usually that of a sexual partner) rectum.
Dude, that was some wicked space docking we did last night
by Someone that hasn't done it. January 17, 2003
Where a subject poo's into a condom and freezes it. After about 24 hours or so it is taken from the freezer and the condom removed. Then with a little lube it is used as a sex impliment until the warm juices all melt together and the poo regains its normal runny state.
Oi Ho!!! how much for a night of space docking?


Deal! Give me time to fetch the goods from the freezer!
by Smeaves! October 26, 2010
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