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A technologically advanced cell phone that possesses all the wonders of space. You will slowly learn about this new phone but never get around to exploring all of it. This phone is always new and on the leading edge of technology.
I got rid of my old flip and picked up a new space phone today.

I do not understand how to use this space phone.
#spacephone #space #phone #cell #iphone #android #blackberry
by schnoor walker January 08, 2011
(verb) To space out on a smart phone, being distracted and oblivious to surroundings.
He spacephoned in the waiting room until they finally called his name to see the dentist.
#zone out #spaceout #distracted #oblivious #annoying
by spacephone January 13, 2014
name for any smartphone. coined by david morelli circa 2009. inspired by a line amy poehler delivers in the movie baby mama: "your stupid space car won't let me out!"
dude hop on your space phone and check out that chick's facebook page.
#spacephone #iphone #android #cellular #mobile #smartphone
by will farley April 11, 2011
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