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Slang for a television remote control.
I lost the space nigger, how am I supposed to change channels?
by Nigger Hitler August 10, 2006
A black man in space.
William Charles is the real Space Nigger.
by The Real Space Nigger August 11, 2011
A future derogatory term for a race of alien life that will eventually cohabitate on Earth who humans will discriminate against and feel prejudice, resentment, and intolerance toward just as members of the human race do to one another because of their different culture, lifestyle, appearance, and beliefs.
"After a long, seemingly never ending battle with the United States congress, the Decapodians from Decapod 10 were successful in the campaign to pass a bill for universal healthcare for all planets. The bill was then passed into law in the year 3047."

"Damn space niggers, always trying to get something for nothing from the great planet Earth! Why don't they go back where they came from!?"
by JeezusKriestSooperstarr November 12, 2013
Slang for monkeys they shot into space.
Dude they shot some more monkeys into space.

oh you mean space niggers?
by infeckted February 03, 2011

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