wet poop
kelly byrne eats space food
by Charlie's Weenie July 09, 2003
Top Definition
Dehydrated ice cream, which most people think is terribly un-tasty, but is actually delicious. It's the wave of the future, too! Astronauts eat it, and astronauts can't be wrong!
I love that tasty space food.
by Majuju July 11, 2003
That little packet of frozen ice cream that you can buy at places like Cosi...Yeah, the ones that cost about 9 dollars for a chunck
Little Tommy: "Does eating space food make me an astronaut?"
Me: SLAP,punch, drop kick out of window
by Dont say FroaaaAAAAAGGGGHHHH July 07, 2003
1: food that you eat when you're totally fucked up on nice stuff like... weed

2: that crap you used to get as a small gift that was supposed to be like astronaut food
dude.. I got the munchies... pick me up some space food -or- damn yo this space food shizat is like ja rule
by Tim Wochomurka July 09, 2003
Freeze dried food made by NASA (and other space agencies) -- created to give astronauts diarrhea
Mmm, astronaut ice cream sure is great space food
by g July 08, 2003
janks that they be eatin up in da outta space
various janks
by denzel July 10, 2003
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