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Being shitfaced from just beer and weed
I am a bit Sozzled
by jmsj December 31, 2011
0 3
under the influence of any substance heavily.
he just hit that wet like a champ. I bet he is completely sozzled.
by Baron von Dizzle May 28, 2003
78 11
Sozzled means intoxicated.
Hennessey got me sozzled and trippin
by FlyAway July 18, 2011
8 3
The action of placing ones penis in the mouth of an unconscious person, whilst consuming a small pork sausage.

First used by the homosexual porn star 'Mr Milkman', in his porno 'Little Willy'.
Filmed in 2010, at his penthouse flat, in the dorking getto; using KFC buckets as props.
Small pork sausage, sozzled
by SkiBGB October 19, 2011
8 7
To be highly intoxicated; Drunk. Primarily used in European countries.
The amount of excess alcohol that he had been drinking had made him sozzled.
by Koto51 June 10, 2011
2 3
Near to being fuddled.
I got so frickin' sozzled Saturday night, I was near to being fuddled !!
by Johnny Chingas May 09, 2004
11 17